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Bennie the sea lion dies at St. Louis Zoo

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  • Photo credit Roger Brandt/Saint Louis Zoo

  • Photo credit Roger Brandt/Saint Louis Zoo

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New app based ride sharing service launches in St. Louis

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– A new ride sharing service launched in St. Louis Friday night. Lyft has become a popular app based ride sharing service in some 30 major U.S. cities.

But Lyft may be facing a bumpy ride in the Gateway City.

The app, which is available on iPhone and Android operating systems, is similar to other car services, like Uber. You simply download the app and connect through Facebook and register with your credit card information.

If you’re look for a cab, you simply click on the app and a car shows up with the fuzzy pink mustache and no money is ever exchanged. There is no set payment.

Instead, at the end of the ride passengers are encouraged to make a suggested donation which is paid for with your registered credit card.

The San Francisco based company compares it to catching a ride with a friend.

Zoo opens Stingrays at Caribbean Cove exhibit

(KTVI) -  As of April 18, St. Louis Zoo guests will be able to dip their hands into the water and touch the stingrays.

Hannah Petri from the Zoo told John Pertzborn about the St. Louis Zoo’s new exhibit, “Stingrays at Caribbean Cove.”

Stingrays have flat bodies, long pointed fins and long whip-like tails that can be used for defense against predators. At Stingrays at Caribbean Cove, their stingers or barbs are painlessly clipped back just as human fingernails are clipped.

Occasionally, there will be an opportunity to feed the stingrays. Stingray feedings are $1.00 per cup. The exhibit is presented by Mercy Kids.

4 men arrested after drug sting ends with gunfire in University City

UNIVERSITY CITY, MO (KTVI)– Four University City men are facing serious charges over a drug deal that would have netted less than $50.

The men were arrested Tuesday in a drug sting in U-City that ended with gunfire.

Court documents state the men were making a deal to sell marijuana to an undercover officer for about $40.

When police tried to arrest them, one ran to his SUV trying to flee. That’s when police say the driver attempted to back into two officers.

One of the officers shot and wounded the driver 26-year-old Kelvin Dorries. He’s been charged with attempted to assault police and armed criminal action.

All four men also face drug possession charges.

Two of the suspects, 20-year-old Amad Mosley-Hunter and 24-year-old Vernon Bruce also face charges of resisting arrest.

Travis Bradley, 34, was charged with possession of heroin.

You can fly high with Circus Harmony!

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI) – You can run off and join the circus, while helping local kids do the same at the Circus Harmony Flying Trapeze Center.

Starting on World Circus Day, April 19, 2014, airborne artists will open the center for demonstrations and classes. The goal is help St. Louisans say, “I’ve never done that before!” While helping underserved youth create new memories and opportunities as members of Circus Harmony.

18 puppies, 3 cats rescued by Animal Cruelty Task Force

ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)– Puppies were popping up at the Humane Society of Missouri’s Macklind headquarters Wednesday afternoon.

They came thanks to the Animal Cruelty Task Force after a rescue this morning of 18 dogs and three cats

“Puppies check to make sure that they’re weight is okay, that they’re nursing all right,” says Dr. Mark Wright the Director of Social Medicine for the Humane Society.  “These puppies Mom’s been taking pretty good care of.  They’re all quite clean for puppies this age.  All but one has been nursing really one.  One a little dehydrated but it’s the smallest puppy in the group.”

The animals, a variety of breeds and ages arrived after the owner became ill and couldn’t care for the canines and cats anymore.

Tennis Fed Cup coming to St. Louis this weekend

(KTVI) – The Fed Cup is coming to St. Louis.  The premiere women’s tennis tournament kicks off this weekend.  The Chaifetz Arena is where the U.S. team will practice Wednesday morning.

The arena has been transformed from a basketball court to a tennis court.  The games will be at Chaifetz making them a big win for St. Louis.

It was recently announced that the Williams’ sisters are not on the team, but there are still plenty of great players including Sloane Stephens, who ranked 18th in the world.  The team will battle France this weekend.

The winner advances to the 2015 World Group and gets a chance to play for the Fed Cup Championship.  The event gives St. Louis a chance to show its love for tennis and could set the city up for some great things in the future.

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